Ensuring that You Get Child Support from Children’s Father

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Getting love and proper support from both parents is a child’s supreme advantage. What child wouldn’t wish to grow up in a loving and harmonious home. However, not every child is given this opportunity. In some cases, a child’s parents get separated and file for divorce, leaving the children to live with only one parent, often it is the mother who gets custody. During separation and divorce, the issue of child custody and support inevitably crops up. Most often, especially for estranged couples, the mother finds it difficult to get child support from the children’s father.

A fundamental right for all the children born in the United States is to be provided with child support. Parents cannot have it waived because of a previous arrangement. There is no fixed amount with regards to the amount of child support every kid should receive. There are a couple of factors that affects this issue.

There are two main considerations in determining the amount of child support that needs to be given: financial status or ability of the parents and the child’s needs. In most cases, when there is an established regular visitation rights accorded to an absent parent, say a father, the amount of child support is sometimes lowered down.

There are some fathers, however, that do not put much attention to giving financial support to their children. This area is sometimes relegated at the bottom list of their priorities. Some fathers would rather spend the money on some other things. When this happens, the issue of child support enforcement needs to be revisited. The mother can bring this enforcement to court and have the court order the payment of damages and fines, even property seizure, in the event that the father does not pay the child support that they are required to provide.

Bringing the matter to court is always a last resort. Most parents do not want their children to suffer the trauma of seeing a parent being put to jail for failing to provide for them the child support that they need. Both parties need to try to settle the matter without taking to court.

If you are in this dilemma, you need to get a good lawyer who will be capable of representing you to make settlements or file a case in court. But as a parent, you always have to keep in mind the welfare and well-being of your children.

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