Some of the Challenges Faced by Teenage Single Mothers

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Teen single moms may not realize it early on, ecstatic as they are about raising the cutest kid on the block (with or without the father’s support), but a few years down the line, the difficulties of singlehandedly raising a child may become apparent. The number one challenge, as many know, is supporting oneself and the baby, which has so many needs. Whether a single woman who finds herself pregnant and then carries the baby full term feels terrified and alone, or is confident about the new stage in her life, the challenges faced by teenage single mothers in the present age are plentiful.

The major challenge, especially for single teens trying to survive on their own (renting a home and working odd jobs like waiting on tables or other work opportunities that require spending time away from the house), usually boils down to finances. A growing toddler will require immunization shots plus additional trips to the doctor’s clinic (unless the baby’s quite healthy). Daily sustenance may also eat away on the modest income of a typical single working mom. A few workplaces offer day-care facilities for kids of employees while they work. Majority, however, don’t.

Most teenage single moms either decide to pursue their studies or drop out from school to attend to the day-to-day responsibilities of raising kids. This is another big challenge, especially for those who have nurtured big dreams of building a high-flying professional career someday. When motherhood beckons, though, most women sacrifice their dreams, thinking they can still pursue them later on. While it’s not impossible for single moms to embark on a career, the pressures and challenges – particularly on time – can be tremendous. Some teen single moms are fortunate to have the support of their parents in looking after their young kids – as they work.  Lucky is the single mom who gets ample financial and moral support from the father of her kid. Many of those who have no one to rely on but themselves, however, need to be hardworking, resourceful, patient and strong to be able to hurdle the many challenges or setbacks arising from their situation.

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