Cash grants for personal needs – a myth?

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Many people all over the country wonder if there are any real cash grants for personal needs that are given away by the federal or state government. First of all, it is time to bust the scams and myths. Cash grants are not given for individuals to help them meet their expenses, pay their credit card bills or start a business. On the other hand, a few grants are indeed available and are given by government to students and non-profit organizations. These grants are given as college aid(for instance,the pell grants) and for other purposes such as funding researches and specific types of businesses.

What can be done to get assistance for low income families?:

If you earn low income and are facing great financial need, you have plenty of doors open to get financial help. Here is a list that might help(The list here only provides brief information on how one can receive financial assistance. We urge readers to visit the links provided within the descriptions to get more details).

1. Got trouble paying rent?

Make use of the section 8 housing choice voucher program to get rental assistance from the government. This program will allow you to rent a home in the private market and then make use of the voucher to pay a considerable part of the rent. You can read details on the same in our article here:rental assistance for the needy. Another option for you is to apply for public housing. Because of the cons associated with public housing, many prefer the private market housing. Apply for a program that you deem fits the needs of your family. If you are a family with dependent kids, a safe and sanitary shelter must be one of your priorities.

Keep in mind that getting rental assistance might not happen in a day or a week because of lengthy waiting lists in both these programs. You will be better off joining the waiting list as soon as possible once the agency administering the program starts accepting applications.

2. Free food:

“Food stamps” program(a SNAP card is now given to those getting approved as opposed to the food stamps previously) helps the families facing financial troubles to get free food items from the local stores. Please note that there are restrictions to what you can buy with it. You can read more on that topic here:Free food through the SNAP

3. Cash grants for paying the bills and help with child care expenses:

Although there are no grants or financial assistance programs that help specifically with bills, there is a program called the “LIHEAP” which could be a lot of help. Turning off the heating equipment on account of the costs involved should be no option for any family. This is exactly why the government has LIHEAP in place to assist needy with paying the heating costs. Read more:money for bills

Those facing difficulties with affording a qualify daycare facility can resort to the subsidized child care program. This will give you a helping hand with paying for the same. Get more details on requirements and application in this page:free daycare.

4. Help with debt:

Debt grants are not given by the government. Do not fall for scams in the Internet that claim to help you with offering information on them. Although cash grants for personal needs are not in place, using the assistance programs offered by your state, you can weather a difficult patch in your life and rebuild your financial position.

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  1. Cenon E. Naparan says:

    i need personal grant

  2. william reid says:

    how can i get an application for free online where i donot have to pay for it.i will like to knowhow cani get a personal grant to pay for college classes and housing.

    • admin says:

      William, there is no need to pay any website in order to get application forms. If you are looking for getting government grants, all you got to do is go to the official gov grants website – As for grants for college, you will have to look up pell grants and FSEOG for that. Other than that, scholarships can be a huge help.

  3. shaundreka jackson says:

    in need of a personal grant

    • admin says:

      Cash assistance is indeed available, Shaundreka but they are not available in the form of grants. You can try to apply for TANF. If you are in the need of some serious money right now, look up one-time TANF.

  4. monise charles says:

    hi’ my name is Monise Charles i’m looking for help for me and my family we’re almost homeless i had a friend of might who gave us one bedroom to stay temporary now he asking us to leave the house as soon as possible because the house is in foreclosure now we don’t have anywhere to go can you please help us for house assistance if you give us that favor God will bless you abondantly thank you

  5. mary cahill says:

    I,m a mom of two that has been out of work for the last four month on behind on my rent and I have ten days to come up with some money or we will be homeless.can anyone help. thank you mmary cahill

  6. Sabrina says:

    I cant get ANY kind help, especially TANF because in order to do that I Must have a vehicle and I dont have one of those either. I don’t know what to do.. Any suggestions???

  7. Sabrina says:

    I am struggling something aweful. i know there are other mothers struggling worse than I but i just dont know what to do anymore… I just wanna give up

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