Business without investment – Making it without grants is possible

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A lot of stay-at-home moms wish there was a way they could get easy funding for their business ideas. But the truth is that getting a small business grant is not easy. To tell you the truth, the chances of getting aid is very minimal and is probably not going to happen. Do not lose hope as you can still make it. One suggestion we have for moms who are deeply interested in starting a business but facing insurmountable financial barriers is starting a business that needs very low investment. One idea we would like to give you is starting an online store. Do not think starting an online store is going to cost you a lot. When the idea of store is suggested to someone, the mind immediately envisions needing money for buying inventory and having an office for running the business. If your mind strayed there, you are wrong.

E-store with lowest investment:

If you are solely thinking of buying products and then listing them online in your web site, you are not aware of the possibilities of online business. Instead of buying the products and securing them in your office, all you have to do is use a dropshipper. All you got to do is send the sale leads to the dropshipper. You will not have to worry about a separate office for storing all the goods or having to worry about shipping the items. A calm and organized room in your home is all you need to get started. Your focus needs to be solely on getting the leads which means you will have a lot of time to breathe aside from juggling all the balls.

Costs involved:

Choosing a dropshipper over other forms of e-commerce does not mean there will be no need to spend a dime to get started. You will need money for building a web site [ having a decent design and functionality in the web site is very important ] , recurring costs for web hosting [ which, by the way, will be a very small amount] and couple of other costs. Although these costs could seem like huge hurdles, do keep in mind the fact that only the web design will take a chunk of money off your pocket. Free designs are also available, and many choose those over the paid ones. All the other recurring costs will only be small and there is very high chance you will able to handle that.

Avoid delaying the steps towards your goal:

If your hunt for business grants does not come to fruition, you must make sure that you move on without them. Thousands of aspiring mom entrepreneurs search for small business funding but fail to even get a clear answer and relevant information pertaining to them. Hopes and dreams get subdued just because their grant search did not bring out the results they desired. The answer is loud and clear here – small business grants are just not easy to get! Instead of the grants, you can explore other ways you can make it wherein a small funding is enough to get started and start generating profit right off the bat. One suggestion we have for the readers is that while thinking of setting up a store, think of building a store in niches that are less explored in your local area.Example: A very specific kind of pet supplies. Less competition during the beginning phase of the business will keep the pressure away and help your marketing efforts as well.


Do not be afraid to choose a paid mentor to assist yourself in the process. A mentor having tremendous experience in the field will go a long way towards setting up the foundation you need. Someone who has been there and done it will make everything easier for you and save you a lot of time. On the other hand, not doing due diligence and getting the services of someone who is solely interested in getting paid, is a sure path to doom.

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