Bogged Down with Lack of Joy?

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Being happy and living a stress-free life might seem like a far-off dream, but in reality, it is within our grip. Our level of joy is related to our state of mind and when we are troubled, worried or confused, without a doubt, our joy level is lowered. The key then, is to find ways to counteract trouble and worry.

Being confused might simply mean we are overwhelmed with too many options. Sometimes taking a step back from the issue can help settle the mind and when we least expect it, we will receive clarity. Other times we may need more information. Further details might help us sort through a solution more clearly. That means going after the people or places that can give us the answers to our questions.

Lowering our stress level, and raising our joy quotient can happen easily through a process of training ourselves to see our life as full of opportunity and to make a point of not letting life’s troubles get in the way. It takes a bit of practice, but if we can always draw ourselves back to life’s bigger picture, then life’s little traumas won’t really matter.

Below are ten do’s and don’ts anyone can try to implement in order to find greater joy:

  1. Do focus on what is important in life and the bigger picture. Don’t get bogged down on details.
  2. Do have fun and ease up on your expectations. Don’t take life so seriously.
  3. Do stick to your personal values. Don’t care so much of what other people think.
  4. Do consider how blessed you are. Don’t take for granted what you have.
  5. Do relax and trust things will work out. Don’t worry, it doesn’t help.
  6. Do thank people and show appreciation. Don’t hoard glory.
  7. Do take constructive action when little trials come. Don’t get upset at life’s little trials (like spilling coffee on your new shirt).
  8. Do relax your standards. Don’t keep thinking you have to be perfect.
  9. Do look at what you will learn in every situation and the good in it. Don’t look for the downside or faults unless your job is being some type of inspector!
  10. Do move on from something that isn’t working. Don’t stay stuck where you are.
    Life is full of opportunity for us all. There’s no point in letting the joy of life slip away under the weight of problems. We only pass this way once, why not make it magnificent?

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  1. My kids father had a heart attack in October now he’s out of work so my kids not receiving child support so, I’m stressing because they want everything that pops up on tv and I have know idea when he will receive income from the state. We went to 2 toy give sways stood in line and when we git seen they ran out. 2 days I saw sad faces. I’m going to pray on this tonight.

  2. anne says:

    Cassandra, try Freecycle. Just Google it for your area and join. You can get free toys, gently used clothes, furniture, whatever. It is not a charity, but just people offering what they do not need and posting requests for what they do. Blessings to you and kids.

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