Being Friends With an Ex Husband

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Going through a divorce comes with many different emotions and issues, one among these is to how to deal with your ex husband. This is an important thing, especially if the two of you have children together. Having a good relationship with your ex is essential to helping your children be able to deal with your divorce in a healthy way and to come out of the situation stronger and happier. What should you do to continue being friends with an ex husband?

Keep the past in the past.

No matter what has happened in the past, for the good of your kids, you need to leave it in the past. While you don’t have to forget it entirely, you do need to let go some of the emotions to allow you to get past it and begin to cultivate and create a new normal for you and for your kids.

Watch what you say.

While it may be tempting to talk about all of the bad things, try to keep it to a minimum. If you want to be friends with your ex husband, you will want to begin to think and speak of him in a more positive way. This will have an emotional effect that will allow you to remember the good things to make you feel better about the situation and possibly about your ex husband.

Remember the good times.

While it is certain that there were some bad times or you wouldn’t be getting divorce, you want to remember why you fell in love with your ex husband. While you cannot go back in time, you can remember the positive parts of your relationship and this can allow you to be friends with him once again and raise your children in a more peaceful way. Remember the good and let the past go to allow you both to find a new relationship that will work for you and your kids.

Find what you have in common.

What do two people who are going through a divorce have in common? You have your children in common. Raising them and helping them to grow into well-adjusted adults should be what you have in common and should be the main goal for both of you. You want them to feel safe and secure and the best way to do this is by keeping your relationship with your ex husband friendly and non-confrontational to keep some of the stress away from your children.

A divorce is hard on not only the adults, but on the children as well. By maintaining a good relationship with your ex husband, you will not only take some of the stress off of yourself, but will help your children to feel more secure in their bond with the two of you. By finding a common ground with your ex and keeping the relationship positive, the two of you will be able to create a new normal for your kids and help yourself to come out of the situation stronger.

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