Tips for Finding Bankruptcy Lawyers for Low Income Families

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Unfortunately, there are times that a serious financial crisis such as a death, divorce or loss of job can lead to the individual needing to file for bankruptcy. However if you are in the lower income bracket then it may be hard for you to find the right bankruptcy lawyer that can not only help you through your financial crisis but one you can fit into your budget. Therefore, here are a few tips to finding bankruptcy lawyers for lower income families.

One of the very first thing that a lower income family can do when they are considering bankruptcy is to search through the yellow pages. This will be able to give you an idea of what types of lawyers are available within your city. Also you will be able to see which one has a good history of winning bankruptcy filings. This is a great source of information but, unless you make several different phone calls, you will not be able to find out how much each lawyer charges.

Another great source for information is to get referrals from other lawyers. This is great if you happen to know other lawyers. This would actually be one of the best ways that you can find a reputable lawyer that may also fit within your budget.

Next consider talking to family and friends. If you happen to have either a family member or friend that has been through bankruptcy they would be the best ones to ask. You should be sure to ask about the amount they charge per hour and how easy he is to be able to work with their clients. However, you can also talk to other family members and friends that have not filed for bankruptcy if they have heard through the grapevine of any great attorneys that are willing to work with the lower income bracket individuals.

Finally you can also search the internet for your local area to find a bankruptcy lawyer that work with low income families. The vast amount of information that you are able to get through the internet will be able to answer just about any question that you may have about filing for bankruptcy for lower income families.

One thing to remember though is to never take a lawyer that you see on TV or offers free bankruptcy filings. These lawyers are usually frauds who will take your money and disappear. Also if these lawyers are for real they have been known to charge higher than average rate and your bankruptcy charges would be much more than you would be able to afford.

So, if you are looking for tips on finding a very affordable bankruptcy lawyer there are a variety of different places to search. You should definitely start with talking to family and friends and other lawyers before you begin your overall search. Also the internet is a vast source of information. But, don’t forget the yellow pages as well.

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