Assistance for single mothers in Minnesota

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Financial help for single moms in Minnesota:

If you are looking for short-term assistance from the government, rest assured that there is a range of government programs designed to assist families. Single mothers who need financial assistance for making ends meet can get approved for various programs in Minnesota. Information on such programs and the application procedure is listed in this article. If you wish to apply for all the programs right away without having to read specifics in our article, find “family services” office contact information in here – link

1. MN Cash assistance through the MFIP:

A lot of our readers ask us for information pertaining to a cash grant. While a government grant is not in place for needy families, financial help is offered to low-income families in MN by means of a federally-funded program called TANF. This particular program is given the name “MFIP” in MN – Minnesota Family Investment Program. Adults of the household can apply and get approved if they meet income and asset guidelines. Upon approval for welfare benefits, a plastic card – which functions akin to a debit card – will be sent to your home to access the monthly cash assistance.

Readers must note that the welfare benefits through this program is only available to families with dependent children – benefits cannot be applied for by individuals. Another notable point is that cash assistance is only offered for a limited time in all states. In MN, assistance can be availed for a maximum of 60 months. If you have already crossed this limit but need help, we suggest you visit the local social services and ask if you qualify for an extension. Information on the procedure to apply can be obtained at the DHS page over here – apply

2. Daycare subsidy in MN:

Do you need a hand with meeting the daycare costs? Thousands of parents across the nation lament that if the daycare expenditure were a little less, the strain on family finances would be significantly lower. Thankfully, in your state, daycare assistance is offered by the government by means of subsidized childcare. Note that along with government assistance comes a long waiting list. How fast you get approved and receive daycare subsidy would greatly depend on the amount of funding available as of your application date. You will have to be currently employed, be engaged in job training, or going to school to be eligible for receiving this assistance. For more information –DHS

3. Low cost health insurance via Minnesotacare:

If your family has not been able to qualify for the Medicaid program, the only option left for you to get health care coverage will be a private insurance plan. But families already in great need invariably find affording insurance in the private market almost impossible. An insurance with premium amount dependent on gross income of the family will be a much better option. But how can one find such an insurance? Welcome to Minnesotacare! Families getting approved for Minnesotacare will receive insurance with tailored(to your income) premium amount.

More details – low cost insurance

4. Food assistance:

Families who are struggling to buy well-balanced food can make use of the food stamps program in MN. Low income families can receive a EBT card after getting approved for the same. This card can be used to buy food products from nearby stores thereby meeting your family’s daily nutrition needs without any compromise. Apart from the food stamps, you can also look into the emergency food program in MN. Benefits can be availed quicker in case of the “Emergency food assistance”, unlike the food stamps. To apply for the food stamp program, contact the human services office in your area. For contact details, check this page here.

5. Rental assistance from HUD:

The housing choice voucher programs helps families with affording a safe and quality housing. Qualifying families will be given rental assistance for any apartment they choose. Note that the public housing agency(PHA), which administers the program, will need to inspect the housing you choose before approving your application for rental help. The aim of the inspection, which will be conducted by a section 8 inspector, is to ensure the housing meets the quality standards set by the HUD. Passing the inspection happens to be the foremost requirement that should be met to avail help with rent. A major advantage with this sort of assistance is that you can rent housing in the private market, as opposed to settling in a public housing project. If you are on the verge of losing your home over overdue rent, act fast – link

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    I’m wondering if any of these programs are available if there is no father listed on the child’s birth certificate? I’m mainly looking for information about insurance coverage for the child, but other information would be beneficial as well.

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