Are government grants legitimate?

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Thousands of grant seekers look for a free government grant online everyday. Some get the information they need while most end their search with disappointment. Then, the question springs to mind: ” Are government legitimate? Are they really available?”. The truth is that there are a few legitimate government grants offered to help with education and even available for a few businesses. But the bottom line is that it will be real hard to find a grant given away for purposes you have in mind. The purposes for which people look for grants are diverse. This includes, but certainly not limited to, help with credit card bills, utilities, housing, car repair, car buying, and home repair – there is just too many to list here. Say, you have thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Maybe that was the very purpose you begun your search for a government grant. In such a case, we guarantee you will not find a grant for that. On the other hand, if you need a grant for education, you will likely find such an offer easily.

So, the next time you come across an advertisement reading ” find billions of government grant money here “, remember what we have told you here. Billions in grant money is available, yes. But to whom are those grants open for application? – more often than not, you will find that it is definitely not for you. We hope that clears the confusion pertaining to “billions in grants” in your mind, once and for all.

Did not find a grant? Look what the social services has to offer!

You probably started your quest to find free government money, but must have realized after hours of research, it is not going to happen. Do not lose hope. If you are in need of help money wise, we urge you to scour for local resources that can help you out with timely financial assistance. Start looking for such resources by asking at the social services office nearby. Even if you are not eligible for welfare programs like TANF, you will find other forms of government assistance helping moderate income families. Of course, if you are deemed a low income household, do apply for welfare. Welfare can be a lifesaver for anyone fallen on bad times and facing hardships trying to get out of it.

How can one go about the process of getting government grants?

The process of applying for a government grant, unlike what you might think, is real easy. The hardest phase is, of course, finding a grant that is indeed given away by the government. Say, you have found such a grant by searching over at – we suggest you make use of the ” Browse by category ” section to ease the process. Note that a fruitful search might not be easy to accomplish. Although the facility to browse by category or agency does make it easier, it still would take a lot of time if you choose to go over all the grant opportunities posted in the government web site. And note that a lot of grant offers will not be open to individuals such as yourself – rather it will be open to local government, state government and/or private non profit organizations. Nevertheless, if you wanted a free site with information on every government grant out there, this is the resource you need. And yes, plenty of grants posted in the web site are open to individuals as well. And needless to say, every grant is legitimate!

Would my search be fruitful?

It is hard to say without knowing why specifically you are in need of a grant. But what we can guarantee is that if you are needing help with education, you will certainly find an education grant offer to help you with tuition. Whether you will win the grant award or not is entirely dependent on your case and what the grant giver expects to see in a winning applicant. If you do not deem your academic merit impressive but are in need of educational grant, we suggest you begin your search looking for need-based college aid.It has to be noted that you will find more financial aid in the form of scholarships than that of government grants or foundation grants. If your very intent is finding education aid, we highly suggest you spend more time looking for scholarships around you and offered nationally, rather than looking for a grant. Needless to say, both are free money and do not have to be paid back – just the labels and purposes differ.

And finally, we advise you to keep yourself abreast of new grant offers. This takes nothing but a simple free subscription to the government web site we have talked of in this article. Get on the e-mail subscription today and save yourself from missing out on free government money – link

Note that a lot of government money goes towards funding non profit organizations:

Yes, that’s right. As already stated, a lot of grant money goes towards funding non profit organizations. The significance of this is that in the event of failure to find a federal grant, you can seek assistance from a non profit organization serving a cause pertaining to your particular needs. Say, you need a grant for building a small business¬† in a rural community. You can look for a organization committed to rural community development or helping small business owners. We are not saying there is such an organization catering to that specific purpose, but the example was just given to get the point across. We realize this all might seem too cumbersome. But that’s the way it is. Rest assured that if your needs are genuine and high, you will find assistance out there – not necessarily through a grant, though.

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