A single mom life punctuated by burnouts

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Have you ever been in a period wherein you just could not escape resenting someone or worrying about something. I do not mean an instance but a period of time. If you have been there, you will know that it inevitably leads to burnouts. The exhaustion you will feel after twisting yourself due to the worries will even be inexplicable. I have been there and for anyone who seems to be in such a position right now, i just have two words for you – move on.

Move on for your own sake:

You got to move on and forget about whatever whoever did to you. Because you, without a doubt, deserve more happiness. Do it for your own sake. Worrying or getting angered over how someone had made you stray from the road to happiness and tranquility will do you no good. Of course, having instances of it could not be avoided, for we are merely human.But when those instances slowly transform into periods of worries and anger, the burnouts you begin to feel will beat you up some more when you are actually in the need of more inner peace. Going round in circles beating yourself up will only lead you to the realm of depression.

The importance of Inner peace:

As a single mother, you know you will always put your children first. But that is not enough. With depression taking control of your life, you might be missing moments with your dear children you might not get after a few years. You know very well how time flies. Before you know it, your children will be entering the workforce or the college. And if you have missed savoring the little moments of happiness and peace with your children, you will regret it someday. Do not let depression destroy your inner peace and effect your children. One possibility you will have to consider is that your negative thoughts could seep into your children and affect their performance at school. It is important for you to be happy so that the children do not feel worried and instead focus on their education to catapult themselves into the next level in life.

Find salvation through cognitive therapy:

If medications do you no good, resort to cognitive therapy to better your current state of mind. Therapy, unlike a few medications, will take some time to deliver the first few instances of relief but after a few months, you will be glad you opted for a permanent solution to your anxiety and depression as opposed to dousing it whenever it got lit.

Giving a hard blow to the money problems:

Ending the money problems will seem out of your control until you look at it with a different pair of eyes. Change your thoughts from “ My money problem will always hold me back” to “ How can i get out of this? ”. The solution could be a new degree that has a ton of potential to get yourself a guaranteed well-paying job. Or it could mean career training that could put you on the road to a stable job, career and an income. Or it could be moving miles away from the current home where job opportunities are better and the housing expenses are way less. Whatever it is, you will not be able to reach it if you do not take an effort to step out of the comfort zone.

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