4 Fast Money Making Tips for When You Need Cash Now

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Stuck in a bind and need cash now? Payday may still be a few days away, but there are things that you can do to make money today. If you’re broke, but willing to try a few new money making ventures, the following suggestions may help:

Craigslist – This online classified ad site is a virtual gold mine and it is the first place you should visit if you need cash now. The beauty of Craigslist is that most items bought and sold are exchanged between people who live in the same area. So, literally, you can receive cash for your items today. Chances are that you already own an item or two that you’re not using, but that someone else can still get some mileage from. List these items on Craigslist and price it for a fast sale. If you don’t have anything to sell, don’t despair. Craigslist also has a section where items are given away for free. Arrange to take a few of these items off of someone’s hands and then turn around and sell these same items for a quick profit.

Count your spare change – Check your wallet for spare change. While you’re at it, check all of your pockets, including old coat pockets, purses and car ashtrays for all of the spare change you can find. Many are surprised to find how quickly random change amounts to serious dollars. If you need cash now, go on an all out change hunt and collect every penny you can find. Exchange your loose change at the bank for free or deposit your coins into the nearest Coinstar machine for a small fee to exchange it for paper dollars.

Offer a service – There are places where you can trade your services online. However, transactions can take a while to complete and a percentage of the gross amount earned often goes to the site’s owner. If you need cash now, however, offer a service to your friends and your social media contacts. Use whichever online payment source of your choosing and offer to write a few consumer complaint letters or record a video blog or whatever other service you can think to offer. Since you need cash now, sweeten the pot a little by discounting your services and creating an offer no one can refuse. If you’re stuck trying to decide what services to offer, simply ask your network what it is that they need and how much they’re willing to pay for it.

Online cash advance – If you have a real cash emergency and you’ve exhausted all other resources, consider an online cash advance. As long as you receive a regular paycheck and you have a bank account, you can apply for an online cash advance without being subjected to a credit check. Be aware, however, that this money must be paid back out of your next paycheck and an additional fee will be charged. Therefore, only use this option if you absolutely need cash now and you can afford to pay it, as well as the additional fee back without delay.

When you need cash now, you sometimes have to think outside of the box in order to get it. Each of the tips offered above have helped others out of a financial fix and they can help you, too. All are relatively easy to do and each one puts instant cash into your pockets.

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