10 Strategies To Surviving Joint Custody With Children

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Let us face it. Divorce is never grand and it is even worse when there are children involved. Unfortunately this is especially true with those divorces that end bitterly. So, how do we survive joint custody with children. Here are a few tips that may be a great benefit for you.

First of all you need to make sure that you are always available to your kid. Save your errands for the time that the child is with the other child. When your spouse brings the toddler take the time to just sit down and spend quality time with them. Listen to their stories, if they are able to talk, about the time that they spent with the other spouse. Also be sure to give the child plenty of quality time to reconnect with you both physically and emotionally. Remember this can be a very confusing time for any child and it is even worse when the child is very young. They are unable to understand why his parents are living in separate houses.

However, in order for you to be truly there for your children there are a few things that must do one of the most important of these is regular exercise. This may sound strange when we are talking about joint custody with toddlers but it is true.

Exercise is important not only mentally but physically as well. Take the time to talk to a good therapist or write your frustrations in a journal. This will help you work through the pain of the divorce without showing your emotions in front of your darling child. Also be sure to eat right so that you will stay healthy enough to manage and deal with everything that comes your way.

You should also be sure that you never speak badly about the other parent within earshot of the toddler. If your divorce is still fairly recent this may seem almost impossible but it can be achieved. You need to be sure that you are keeping all comments against your spouse to yourself until the toddler is out of hearing range.

Also if your kid comes home from a visit angry or upset never judge them. Instead, just take the time to listen or talk to the spouse about what may be bugging the toddler. If the child is upset it just may be that they are overtired and need some rest. Also be sure to never accuse the parent of wrong doing in front of the toddler.

Finally be sure that the toddler understands that they are free to love both parents without fear of reprisals. This should also include the ability to love any step parents that may come in the future. This will teach the child that no matter if his parents live in different houses they both love the toddler just as much.

Joint custody for toddlers can be a trying time for families. However, if you take the time to follow these basic tips you will be able to help your toddler adjust faster.

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